Our History


We have been running tours to Normandy since 1995, taking many WW2 veterans, veterans of more recent conflicts, military history groups, military vehicle enthusiasts and families retracing relatives who fought in the campaign.

Quite often we offer a mix of military history with more family orientated visits, like Mont St Michel, The Bayeux Tapestry and some amazing local markets.


We have always run the tours on a not for profit basis, as it is our mission to share our passion for this important piece of British & Global history with as many as possible and make it affordable and accessible to groups and individuals who may not be able to afford the more commercial tours.


In recent years we have been asked to run more and more tours, and add in some very specific subjects, for example, the 101stAirborne ‘Band of Brothers’ locations and the V weapons of the Cherbourg peninsular.


We have built a close network of contacts around Normandy and as a result, have access to many locations not open to the public.



Richard has been involved in D-Day events since the 50th anniversary in 1994, when he was part of the ‘Hampshire Remembers D-Day’ team.


His passion is the Normandy conflict and has been running informal, not for profit, tours to Normandy since 1995. He has also run long range overland expeditions through the Sahara and Middle East.


He served in the British Army for many years before transferring to Hampshire Police. These days he is focussed on expanding the tours to Poland, Italy and Greece and making history accessible to all.

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Gosia’s passion is raising awareness of the Polish forces in WW2, including the RAF squadrons, Polish Navy and Polish Army divisions in North Africa, Italy & Normandy. 

She has organised many large international events, including Carfest, and brings with her a huge range of logistics experience as well as her military history knowledge.

She is a founder member of the team dedicated to preserving Southampton’s historic D-Day wall and just beginning a new project dedicated to the warship ORP Blyskawica (Lightening) and it’s defence of Cowes, IoW, in 1942.

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David is a recently-retired solicitor and son of a WW2 veteran of the North African and Italian campaigns.

He has been an enthusiast for all things military for as long as he can remember and claims to have acquired his first piece of collectible militaria at age 4!

He has a particular interest in the armies of eastern Europe during WW2 and its aftermath, with a growing collection of related militaria that focuses on uniforms. He is actively involved in the WW2 re-enactment scene.

Having owned a number of classic cars over the years, his current project is completing (very slowly) the restoration of a 1934 Hudson Eight.


Stephen is a freelance archaeologist and historian specialising in the Second World War.


Over the last ten years, he has researched and worked on many aspects of the Normandy campaign in particular. This has included diverse subjects including the embarkation hards built along the south coast of England as a prelude to the invasion, pieces of Mulberry Harbour that are still found along our own shores and in France and the Netherlands today, and pieces of the PLUTO pipeline that supplied fuel to Europe.


He has also researched a number of landing craft involved in the invasion, including a vessel that will feature in forthcoming documentary “No Roses on a Sailor’s Grave” and LCT 7074, currently being restored in Portsmouth.



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