Hollywood and real life came together with the Band of Brothers TV series and the earlier Saving Private Ryan movie. 

While a fictitious storyline, the opening sequence of Saving Private Ryan, has often been described by genuine Omaha Beach veterans, as being as close to the real thing as will ever be possible in a film.

Band of Brothers on the other hand, is based on the book of the same name by the eminent US historian Stephen Ambrose. Using first hand interviews and memoirs from members of Easy Company, 101 AB, he built a detailed picture of the unit from parachuting into Normandy just after midnight on the 6th, right th rough to capturing Hitler’s Eagles Nest in 1945.


We look in detail at the real locations of the 101stAirborne and the 1st& 29thInfantry Divisions on Omaha beach.

By the end of the week, you will have stood in the very spot Major Winters of Easy Company stood before the assault on Brecourt Manor, walked across the beach where Tom’s Hank’s character attempted to take the German bunker and even had you photo taken on the very spot where Rommel stood inspecting the coastal defences only a few week’s before D-Day.


We also include Museum entry to the Airborne Museum in Ste Mere Eglise, Dead Man’s Corner Museum at Carentan and the Omaha Beach Museum.


There will also be time for quite reflection at the American Military Cemetery overlooking the beach.


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