Southampton's D-Day wall is deteriorating rapidly! Help us preserve this important piece of US & British history for future generations.


In June 1944, just before embarking on landing craft, hundreds of American GIs carved their names and home towns on this wall, only a few meters from the docks. How many never came home? How many made it off the beaches?


As the war progressed, nearly 2 million troops went through Southampton docks, in fact more troops went through Southampton than all other UK ports combined for the duration of the war. Many more GIs added to the wall on their way past. 


We have begun to record as many as we can while there's still time. 


We have also formed a partnership with the Maritime Archaeology Trust (MAT), and have the full support of Southampton City Council and the Grand Harbour Hotel (owners of the wall). Recently our partnership has submitted a bid to the Heritage Lottery Fund in order to record & preserve this section for future generations. 


Some of the names we've identified so far include:


William 'Bill' Urban
D W Smithson
Joe N Jones, NY
Robert Goldman
Curt Hodges, Chicago,
H L Eatherington

Lawrence Mattis


There's hundreds more we are trying to decipher from our photos we've taken over the years, and the MAT have some amazing laser scanning equipment that could unearth many more.


Normandy D-Days Tours is a Not-for-profit organisation. 100% of any profit we make from our tours goes to help fund amazing projects like this.


We are also happy to hear from any sponsors and can offer some very attractive recognition packages for donors from personal battlefield tours to mention on the proposed interpretive panels.


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